Art Tigerina releases emotional video for ‘Esta Noche Quiero Llorar’



Art Tigerina released an emotional visual as the official video for “Esta Noche Quiero Llorar” on Thursday.

“I recorded this song many years ago and knew then that it was a special song,” Tigerina posted on YouTube. “When I translated this Keith Urban tune “Tonight I Want To Cry,” I felt the emotion of the lyrics, but even more so in Spanish.”

Tigerina released the song with Grupo Vida in 2007 on The Lone Star Saloon album, but wanted to re-release it as part of his solo career.

“At the time, there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to digitally distribute music- so everything was released on a CD and together. This song didn’t receive a lot of airplay on radio stations, but those who bought the CD remember this song- I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people tell me this song was on their “repeat.” Esta Noche Quiero Llorar was a song I knew I wanted to breathe new life to in my solo career- I knew my life had changed in so many ways from the initial recording and that has brought new meaning and even emotion to the song- I hope you feel that in this recording and now video,” he said.

The vocalist believes the song will have a different meaning for all.

“It will mean different things to different people. This song is about loss and the raw emotion that comes with it. We have all lost things that mean so much to us, I’ve lost my mother, brother, and a special Tio. We have lost love, relationships, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and even children. Sometimes we just want and need to go through those emotions and simply cry. And I think that’s ok. I do want to say that with every sad moment and experience, we need to remember: AND THEN COMES THE MORNING. We have a life to live with those that God still has in our lives, we have LOVE to give everyday. Every person in our lives was and is here for a reason- a lesson or a blessing,” Tigerina wrote.

The song was produced by Grammy Award winner Hugo Guerrero at Nightmare Audio Productions in Austin, Texas. The video, shot in Austin, Texas, was directed and produced by Lupe Moya at LM Media Solutions.

“A very special thanks to my management and creative team, amazing musicians and producers who have been a God send during this journey in my solo career. The Art Tigerina Band who makes me sound good with their passion and musicianship, my dear friend Roger Vasquez for his musical skills and never ending support, Hugo Guerrero at Nightmare Audio Productions for his production genius and musical talent (mil gracias amigo). LUPE MOYA with LM Media Solutions for producing this great video and capturing my sincere emotions. And to my wife..well, you already know..I love you so. And to all our fans and friends for your continued support of me and the Art Tigerina Band. I love this journey of life I’m living..don’t forget..we are all just here to walk each other home,” Tigerina added.

WATCH: “Esta Noche Quiero Llorar” by Art Tigerina

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