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Solido wins Latin Grammy for Best Tejano Album

Solido took the win for Best Tejano Album at the 16th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas on Thursday night.

Solido Facebook photo

Solido took the win for Best Tejano Album for their latest album Sentimientos, at the 16th Annual Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas on Thursday night.

I was glued to my smartphone watching a live stream of the Latin Grammys all for only one category, the Tejano category of course. So, here I was rooting for two of the greatest groups I’m so honored to know personally.

On one end I had Solido, on the next Elida Reyna Y Avante. We all know and understand that at the awards, there is no tie, someone is taking it home the others are not. That’s exactly what happened last night, Solido won the Grammy, and here my friends is where you know when someone is a professional.

“Felicidades a Solido!! Que viva el Valle!!,” Elida Reyna posted on Facebook after Solido’s win. Translation: “Congratulations Solido!! Long Live The Valley!!”

I contacted Solido as soon as I saw this on my smartphone, I was excited about the news.

“We feel super excited! Finally made it back to the Grammy’s and bringing this Latin Grammy back to the Valley,” Solido lead vocalist Ben De Leon told TejanoNation.

This is Solido’s second Grammy win.

“This one is extra special. We won back in 2002, it was early in our career and I guess we thought it was going to be like that all the time. But we found it’s not easy to win a Grammy,” De Leon added.

This win caps off a very successful year for the band from Rio Grande City, Texas.

“Our album debut #1 on the Billboard charts, also a first for us. And now we won the Grammy. What else could we ask for” De Leon said. “We want to thank God for always protecting us on the road and providing us with talent to do what we love, music. Also we would like to thank the Martinez family from Freddie Records, thanks for always believing in us.”

Freddie Records also had three other artists nominated in the category, including Elida Reyna Y Avante, La Fiebre and Alazzan. Ruben Ramos and the Mexican Revolution and Los Gallitos rounded out the Best Tejano Album category nominees.

WATCH: “Tu” by Solido

Solis has been in the Tejano industry for five years, beginning as an on-air personality at Tejano radio station Majic 95 FM in Victoria, Texas. He soon added television hosting duties at Que Pasa Victoria? showcasing Tejano music and culture in the Victoria area on the local TV show. Solis has also been a major part of the biggest events in the Victoria area teaming up with Salazar Promotions. Solis, who also has his own blog,, is excited to join the Tejano Nation team.

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