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La Calma release ‘Letal’ official video

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La Calma released the official video for “Letal” on Tuesday.

The video, directed by Ryan Bazan, features the band’s lead singer and accordionist Leonel Correa being interrogated by a beautiful and lethal woman in a mask with scenes of the band performing the song mixed into the visual.

“I’m glad they (La Calma) gave me complete freedom to write the story and concept of the video,” video director Bazan told Tejano Nation. “Not always do I have the chance to apply my vision. Most of the time the artist tells me what they want and I put on video. This time it was my vision of the song put on video.”

“Letal” is the latest single from from the 2013 Tejano Music Awards Best New Group and is available for download from the Tejano Nation Amazon Digital Music store, just click here.

WATCH: “Letal” by La Calma

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