Stefani Montiel announces sponsorship with Diva Tequila

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stefani-divatequilaTejano superstar Stefani Montiel announced a sponsorship with Diva Tequila on Monday.

“Well, It’s Official… I’m a DIVA,” the singer posted on her official Facebook page. “I’m very proud to announce that I am officially sponsored by Diva Tequila.”

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Diva Tequila, a brand of San Antonio-based parent company Del Bravo Marketing, also sponsors other Tejano stars including Lisa Mar, Negami, Tejano Roze, among others, according to the Diva Tequila website.

“My partnership with Diva Tequila couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time,” Stefani told TejanoNation “When we recorded ‘Quien Quiere Shots’ we put the word out that we were looking to work with a company who would fit with the concept of the song and that I could relate to as an artist. Diva Tequila is that product, and I am extremely excited to be working with such a wonderful group of people and to be representing a brand that is top notch!”

The tequila brand also sponsors Tejano events including the monthly Young Tejano and Conjunto Talent Night scheduled for November 14 at Alamo Depot Sports Bar in San Antonio.

Diva Tequila’s partnership can be seen in Stefani’s latest video for her current hit “Quien Quiere Shots?”, as the tequila brand is prominently displayed throughout the visual.

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