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Isabel Marie releases ‘Fallaste Corazon’ official video

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Tejano music sensation Isabel Marie released the official video for “Fallaste Corazon” on Thursday.

The visual is for the latest single from the 12-year-old singer, who is taking the Tejano music scene by storm. She recently performed during the Selena tribute at the 35th annual Tejano Music Awards last month.  The singer even took a selfie with Hilary Clinton during the presidential hopeful’s recent visit to San Antonio. There’s no stopping this music sensation that is backed by Q Productions and Abraham Quintanilla.

“It was a pleasure to film ‘Fallaste Corazon’ because of all the wonderful staff at Q-Productions,” Isabel Marie told TejanoNation. “It is always an awesome experience to see Suzette and Mr Quintanilla in action. Jennifer Hernandez and Aubry ( Jennifer’s Daughter ) hair and makeup . Thank you Cecy and “Chicas Rock” for accompanying me in the Video. I want to thank Q-Productions for all your hard work in putting this video together and making our experience so enjoyable.”

You may remember Isabel Marie as a participant on season 3 of Univison’s La Voz Kids and a Sabado Gigante winner.

“Fallaste Corazon” and more Isabel Marie music is available for download from the Tejano Nation Amazon MP3 store, just click here.

WATCH: “Fallaste Corazon” by Isabel Marie

3 comments on “Isabel Marie releases ‘Fallaste Corazon’ official video

  1. Fantastic! We all love this girl so much!


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  3. Great Job Isabel !!!!!


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