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Calle 6 releases ‘Piña Colada’ featuring Hugo Guerrero and Zavala [AUDIO]

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Posts | Bio

IMG_20151022_104804Calle 6 
released their version of the classic song “Piña Colada” on Thursday.

The Austin-based band with five Grammy Award winning musicians teamed up with award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala to produce the track, which features “The Charanga King” Hugo Guerrero.

The idea for the remake of the Rupert Holmes classic came from Calle 6 leader Wild Bill” Perkins while on the Tejano Cruise with Zavala.

“I asked him to arrange and produce it for me,” Perkins told Tejano Nation. “With the help of Grammy Award-winning musician Hugo Guerrero and two-time Grammy Award-winner and lead vocalist for Calle 6 Jess Lopez on vocals, William “Wild Bill” on Trumpet and Gabriel Zavala on vocals and everything else. I think we have a hit.”

Calle 6 will release a full album by the end of the year and will have a lot of surprise guest vocalists on the album.

“We already have our next single with a big surprise vocalist and should be released in about a month,” said Perkins.

Calle 6 is owned and managed by William Wild Bill Perkins and Entertainment Y Mas. Get more informaton or book Calle 6 at or call (512)552-4290.

LISTEN: “Piña Colada” by Calle 6 featuring Hugo Guerrero & Zavala

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