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Gringa Novelera: ‘Bajo El Mismo Cielo’ is fun to watch

By Gringa NoveleraTV ContributorTwitter | Facebook
By Gringa Novelera
TV Contributor
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Que tal?

Sunday night, and as usual tomorrow is the return to work, and more importantly the return of my novelas on #‎Telemundo‬!

So what has been happening in #‎BajoelMismoCielo‬?

I can’t decide who is worse:  The pandilla La Colonia in #‎BEMC‬, or the pandilla that I’m coping with at work that kept me from telling you about all of the fantastic things that have been happening on the show!

I’ll tell you this: Las pandillas in las telenovelas are much better looking and smarter than their real-life counterparts.

El Colmillo is killing it!

I would like him to debate Donald Trump on The American Dream, and then introduce him to the rest of La Colonia, and just watch what happens…

Between his expensive suits, high-powered breakfast meetings, and money-laundering seminars, I thought he might have been auditioning for a spot on “Shark Tank. But then he killed poor Ximena when he caught her stealing a few dollars so all was right with the world.

I don’t blame Ximena for stealing. She had it tough at La Frontera: As if it wasn’t bad enough putting up with La Colonia, she had to work for Felicia Méndez too.

I can see why El Colmillo is so drawn to Felicia, but this crush won’t last long. He thinks that she is the meanest woman in town, which is exactly his type.Wait until he gets a load of that Mrs Sanders! She’s his true soul-mate. When he sees her torturing her maid Ramona, El Colmillo will dump Felicia immediately, and if she’s not careful he will dump her in the La Brea Tar Pits.

Felicia had my absolute favorite moment in the show all week, and if you saw it you know exactly what I’m talking about. She called Carlos in the middle of the day and left a message that she wasn’t feeling well, reminding him that hers was a high-risk pregnancy, just in case he forgot the 47 million other times she told him that.

The highest-risk of this pregnancy is that Carlos will find out the child is Willy’s.

Anyway, so Adela hears the message and is really annoyed because she knows that if Felicia will threaten to kill her in church, she will easily lie on a cell-phone.

So Adela pops in at Felicia’s, where she finds the door slightly open. When she walks in, Felicia comes out in a negligee that rivals anything that Eva Gabor wore as Lisa Douglas in “Green Acres.”

Lisa was the only other tv character I have ever seen wear a peignoir in the middle of the day.

When Adela Morales surprised Felicia and her lavish, revealing negligee, Felicia yelled “Que Haces Aqui?!?!” in the best, most outraged voice possible.

No one in novelas understands the concept that “The Best Defense is a Good Offense” better than @ERIKAMAZAPAM and Felicia Méndez.

This novela is so much fun to watch!!

I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow when El Colmillo and Carlos continue their extremely tense conversation loaded with double-entendres in the Men’s Room.
Maybe when they realize that they are both El Faier’s father they will realize that they have more in common than they think.

Keep Calm and Watch Novelas!


1 comment on “Gringa Novelera: ‘Bajo El Mismo Cielo’ is fun to watch

  1. Gayle Benitez

    Hola Gringa,
    I have been watching on youtube with English subtitles, after I watched the entire episode in spanish of course. That is emormously helpful. A lot more helpful than asking my husband what they just said. He thinks its funny when i don’t understand.
    I think Fang is feo, feo, feo. Sorry, but I really hate him. Killing Ximena was awful. I can’t wait until somebody gets him. I can’t decide if it will be El Faier(don’t think so), Carlos, (really don’t think so), Felicia (naw do her own dirty work?) or Willy?
    Love this show


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