ELSA Foundation names Carlos Sanchez as Vice President

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E.L.S.A. Foundation named Carlos Sanchez as Vice President on Wednesday. (ELSA Foundation)

The Entertainment Legends of San Antonio (ELSA) Foundation has named San Antonio businessman Carlos Sanchez as Vice President, the organization announced on Wednesday.

“I am excited to be apart of the The ELSA Foundation,” Sanchez told Tejano Nation. “We can collectively do so much for an artist that have what it takes but does not have the means to get ahead in this industry. We can work together to make the artist dreams a reality. It will be hard work for all parties involved, there is no I in team. Together we can make this possible The Elsa Foundation and Artists alike.”

Sanchez will serve as a media spokesperson for the ELSA Foundation and will also serve as ELSA Master of Ceremonies for future events. He will also co-ordinate closely with all staff members as a Team Leader to assist with most promotional and publicity projects.

“Carlos Sanchez is a great addition to E.L.S.A. Foundation,” ELSA Foundation founder Trini Barragan told Tejano Nation. “He believes in Team work and is detailed and knowledgeable when it comes to planning, organizing and executing activities. We are very excited to have Mr. Sanchez as our Vice President.”

Sanchez is a Chicago native that now resides in San Antonio, Texas. He has 20-plus years of marketing, sales and business experience. He is known for his tireless work ethic with strong business acumen.  A devoted father and husband with a commitment to improving the community by staying involved with many organizations.

His early childhood experiences with music and lack of means to continue his dream have fueled him to try to make a difference with the new up and coming artists.

“The mentality to instill Support and Unity amongst each other are much needed ingredients for our new generation to succeed and push our culture to make a difference,” he said.

The ELSA Foundation is a non-profit that was founded to preserve, foster and promote Tejano and Latino culture and keep it relevant for future generations.  Learn more at

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