Exclusive: Devin Banda dishes on wedding proposal


Rising Tejano singer Devin Banda and La Mafia guitarist Viktor Pacheko were engaged last week and now the 20-year-old singer dishes on the wedding proposal exclusively with Tejano Nation.

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Banda said she sensed something unusual as Pacheko had been acting different most of the day.

“He was being super suspicious all day, asking me when I was getting off of work and stuff like that. He brought me lunch to work. And when I got home. I tried to unlock the house door but I couldn’t. So I started ringing the door bell and he popped his head out and wouldn’t let me in. He was dressed all nice. With his hair all nice. And when he finally opened the door there were roses all in the living room. And he had the ring hidden in the flowers. He kinda gave me a hint where the ring was and took it out. And when he grabbed it he got on one knee and asked.”

Banda said that Pacheko’s proposal was traditional with the guitarist asking the singer’s mother for permission first.

“He did ask my mom for permission,” Banda said. “Many might not know, but before we started dating he asked my mom for permission for us to start dating, so they have always had a really good relationship with each other, which I’m very happy about that!”

The happy bride-to-be said there’s no rush to set a date as of now.

“We are planing on having a long engagement,” Banda said. “We aren’t in a rush. As long as we are happy and together. That’s all that matters to us.”

Banda and Pacheko have been dating since July 2014.

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