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Angel Gonzalez to be cast in ‘Urban Cowboy’ television pilot

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Singer Angel Gonzalez has been cast as an extra in Fox’s Urban Cowboy television pilot.

Two-time Tejano Music Awards nominee Angel Gonzalez will be part of the cast for the new Urban Cowboy television pilot on Fox, TejanoNation has learned.

The singer, cast as an extra, posted the news on his official Facebook page on Wednesday.

“Awesome News To share happy to be apart of a New show coming out on T.V!  Well just received a Call from Talent Agency asking me to be casted as an Extra in Pilot show coming out URBAN COWBOY! Its a foot in the door first step Extra, 2nd step small role.”

The TV series, based on the 1980 cult classic film starring John Travolta, is being filmed in Austin.  The modernized “Urban Cowboy” will heavily feature music, this time, with a Latin twist. The project is about family legacies, starting over, finding true love and the American dream.  Featured cast members include Edward James Olmos, Jim Belushi and former RBD member Alfonso Herrera as the male lead.

“Just to clarify I’m NOT leaving music for Movies LOL but its brings my Tejano Music and freestyle music to something new and who knows maybe even a small part down the line singing as part of a script,” Gonzalez added. “Its probably me dreaming but hey I’ve proven dreams can come true!”

The show has no start date yet, but is expected to air in early 2016.

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