Happy Birthday Emilio Navaira – 5 Must Have Emilio Songs

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Today (August 23) is Emilio Navaira’s birthday and he is one of the most prominent artists to help popularize Tejano music.

The San Antonio born and bred singer has been delighting Tejano fans with his voice since 1983 as the lead vocalist of David Lee Garza Y Los Musicales.  In 1989, Emilio formed his own band, Emilio y Grupo Rio and has released 15 studio albums throughout his career, ultimately winning the 2003 Grammy Award for Best Tejano Album.  The singer, who has been called the “Garth Brooks of Tejano”, also released a couple of Country albums.

Emilio has been making a comeback since his horrible bus accident in 2008, which nearly took his life.

In honor of Emilio’s 53rd birthday, Tejano Nation gives you our five must have Emilio songs for your Tejano playlist.  What’s your Top 5 Emilio songs? Leave your favorites in the comments section below.

His biggest country hit was “It’s Not the End of the World” in late 1995.

“Como Le Hare” translates to “How Will I Do It?”  It’s about a guy who has messed up his relationship and is trying to fix it. It’s a catchy, hummable song — so popular that the title became a catch phrase.

“Naciste Para Mi”

“La Rama Del Mesquite”


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