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Negami release lyric video for latest single ‘Porque’

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Grupo Negami
Grupo Negami

Grupo Negami has released a lyric video for the ballad version of their latest single, “Porque” featuring Shelly Lares and David Delagarza III of La Mafia.

The video takes an exclusive look at the Houston-based band’s new single from their new album, Avanzado. The song was recorded as a ranchera and a ballad, the ballad version is featured in the video.

Negami’s Carlos Villegas shared a message on Facebook about the song.

“We are honored to have two outstanding guest artist join us on our CD. I would also like to send a special shot out to Eldon K Samos for the amazing guitar work. I am blessed to have some of the best talent Houston has to offer…thanks Adrian Aponte, Fabian Alvarado, Mikey NegamiJohnny Tobias, and Ryan Cole for sharing your amazing talent with me. Thanks ZapBoomBang studios for your outstanding work!”

“Porque” and Avanzado are both available for download from the Tejano Nation Amazon store, just click here to get them.

WATCH: Lyric video of ballad version of “Porque” from Negami feat. Shelly Lares & David Delagarza

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