Siggno’s Richard Rosales Unveils Signature Bajo Quinto Line

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rosalesseriesbajo-profileRichard Rosales of Siggno unveiled his own line of custom made bajo quintos on Monday.  The 5-time Latin Grammy Award winner has teamed up with Bajo Sextos Garcia for the “Rosales Signature Series” of bajo quintos.

“I am very honored, privileged, and very blessed to announce the launch of the “Rosales” series bajo made by Bajo Sextos Garcia, now available for purchase @,” Rosales posted on his official Facebook page on Monday.

Rosales has been using a Bajo Quinto Garcia for the past two years and now has the privilege of getting his own custom made model series. These handmade bajos from Baja California are an exquisite work of craftmanship and art. This bajo quinto is made from 15-year-old aged wood forged from rosewood/palo escrito for the back and sides of the instrument. The top is Canadian hemlock/abeto candaiense, the neck is made from mahogany/caoba, and the fretboard is made of Cocobolo heartwood. The trim and fret inlays are made of blue abalone/concha abulon azul. It is a very unique and beautiful masterpiece of an instrument, which is now available for the public.

Get more details on the amazingly beautiful instrument at

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