Gringa Novelera: Ultima Semana of ‘Tierra De Reyes’

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By Gringa NoveleraTV ContributorTwitter | Facebook

By Gringa Novelera
TV Contributor
Twitter | Facebook

tierradereyesBuenas tardes!

Mondays can be pretty tough, but I always look forward to them because all of my telenovelas on ‪#‎Telemundo‬ start up all over again!

This week is even more exciting than usual because today we start the countdown on the Ultima Semana of ‪#‎TierraDeReyes‬,” where apparently Isa has killed the wrong bride and groom in her quest to kill Arturo and Sofia. Que lastima!

She must have had something in her eye (besides Leonardo) as she peered through the laser sight of the fully-automated machine gun that her inquisitive yet simple-minded cousin Linda brought to Isa.

If deranged Nazi snipers in old WWII movies were beautiful and had great blow-outs, Isa would have fit right in as she waited for her prey in the balcony of the church, cursing their lives and gleefully anticipating their deaths. and checking her makeup. Most brides don’t like their groom’s ex- at their wedding, even though the brides are the victors. But no issue of “Bride’s” magazine can prepare any bride for what happens when the crazy woman in love obsessed with your husband who might also be his half-sister who not only has access to rocket launchers but is also a lawyer and is breathtaking shows up without an invitation and prepared to kill.

In life, death, and comedy, timing is everything, and this last episode was no exception. Apparently the priest was running behind because he arrived late, and so the wedding that Isa thought that she was shooting up was actually the wedding just before Arturo and Sofia’s.
If weddings would be this exciting where I come from, I’d never miss one!
I think novela weddings should always be “Black Tie Optional-BulletProof Vest Mandatory.”

As we sadly say goodbye to “Tierra de Reyes,” prepare yourselves for the Gran Estreno de ‪#‎BajoElMismoCielo‬,” on Tuesday, July 28th!


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