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Hulu’s ‘East Los High’ to feature Gabriel Zavala hit ‘Mesera’

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Posts | Bio
Zavala Facebook photo

Tejano Music Awards winner Gabriel Zavala will have his original song, “Mesera,” featured on an episode of the Hulu original series, East Los High.

“Man I’m so freaking excited!!! My Original song Mesera was featured on Hulu’s East Los High!!! They found my track on CD Baby and contacted me to place the song,” the 2013 TMA Best New Male Artist winner posted on his Facebook page.

The song is featured on the episode “End Of An Era,” from Season 3 (Epidsode 3) of the popular Hulu show.  Both seasons of the show are currently available for streaming on Hulu.

The award-winning hitmaker has produced music for some of Tejano’s biggest stars and rising Tejano artists.  His latest feature ,”Mamacita” by Alfredo Y Tortilla Factory featuring Zavala, Rick Balderrama, and Julio El Catras, is currently #1 on the Latin Groove International Top 20 chart for the week of July 11-17, 2015.

Watch a clip of East Los High’s “End Of An Era” episode featuring “Mesera”

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