AJ Castillo dominates Spotify’s ‘Sounds Of Lubbock’ list

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Tejano superstar AJ Castillo currently dominates the “Sounds Of Lubbock” Spotify chart with three of the top five songs on the list.

The online commercial streaming site has designed a Musical Map that allows users to click any (of roughly a thousand) cities across the world and hear that city’s playlist – or the music that is most enjoyed there.

In Lubbock, AJ’s songs, “Te Quiero Amar”, “Enloquecer”, and “Llorar Y Llorar” are ranked third, fourth and fifth, respectively on the list.  Lubbock is the only Texas city, on Spotify’s Musical Map, that Tejano reigns supreme.  Norteno rules Dallas-Ft. Worth and Erick Y Massore tops the list in San Antonio.  AJ even mentions Lubbock in his song “Te Quiero Amar,” so that could me one possibility why the town loves the accordionist/singer.

You can view the Sounds of Lubbock Spotify list below.  You can see lists from other Texas cities and cities around the world, just click here. *You may have to sign-up for Spotify to view.

Spotify is a commercial music streaming, podcast and video service. Music can be browsed or searched by artist, album, genre, playlist, or record label.


Watch the official music video for “Te Quiero Amar” by AJ Castillo

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