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La Gringa Novelera: El Senor De Los Cielos 3 Recap [July 16, 2015]

By Gringa NoveleraTV ContributorTwitter | Facebook
By Gringa Novelera
TV Contributor
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Buenos Dia!

Well, as I predicted here last night, despite all of the yelling, precision marching in the basement, and drinking Don Julio in the mess hall, El Marcado and his men completely failed in their latest mission.

For all of the orders he barks out, his threats to kill his own men, and his smoking, El Marcado can never seem to get the job done, and his assassination attempt on Don El Feyo was no exception.

And not only did it fail completely, but it failed spectacularly, and it was Don El Feyo who not only survived, but was able to give his own men medical care!

Maybe El Marcado should take a tip from his bunkmate in the basement, General Generalisimo, who gets more down with a cigar and a grin, and no yelling, than El Marcado accomplishes with his daily temper tantrums.
The General moves between all groups, always shows up alone, and by my count has made a deal with almost every Narco on the show.

Then at night he goes back to the secret Army basement.

It’s sort of like El Marcado is the crazy president of North Korea that no one pays any attention to anyway, but he’s fun to watch, and General Generalisimo is the perpetually slightly drunk, but charming ambassador, who seems to know just enough about everything, and is fun to have around.

El Marcado may have unwittingly achieved his goal of starting something however, because El Don Feyo (who has no idea who El Marcado is) thinks the attack came from El Señor, which is going to cause lots of delicious trouble.

And the thing of it is, El Señor doesn’t exactly have an alibi:
What’s he going to say to Don El Feyo?

“I couldn’t have tried to kill you when you visited the corrupt mayor!
I was in bed with your wife!!”

El Señor is in a very bad spot…
Maybe his old friend Agente Leonor Ballesteros will rescue him…


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