Beatriz Y DeZtino release title track from ‘Mi Tesoro’ album [AUDIO]

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mitesoroBeatriz Y DeZtino released the title track from the Mi Tesoro album on Tuesday, the third single from their debut album.

The romantic track has a special meaning to Beatriz. This CD has the perfect title for various reasons.

“This CD is my treasure. Jason & I put our hearts into this project. I treasure my family, my friends, my music and my fans. This is why this is we decided to use this as the title track for the album. I wanted to show the fans just how much love I have for the music and how much pride I have in my career,” Beatriz said.

The song was written by Jesse Eduardo Huerta Uecke and Joy Huerta Eucke.

Beatriz Y Deztino’s debut album Mi Tesoro was released in December 2014 and quickly rose to the top of the charts with the release of her first single “Tengo Que Aguantar”. Produced by Multi-Grammy Nominee Jason Martinez (Grupo Vida/ The Electric Cowboys), this album has a fresh new feel to the true sounds of Tejano music. Beatriz and Jason took this project to a new level for the female artists in the industry. Attempting a sound only conquered by the males, Beatriz took the chance to make this sound her own.

“Mi Tesoro” is available on all major online stores such as iTunes and CD Baby. You may also purchase the CD at Janie’s Record Shop and Del Bravo Record Shop (San Antonio), La Feria Record Shop (Lubbock), and All That Music (El Paso,TX). You can download the album now from Tejano Nation Amazon store here.

For updates regarding Beatriz Y Deztino, visit her website at Sign up for exclusive updates and purchase your Official TEAM B merchandise!

Listen to “Mi Tesoro” from Beatiz Y DeZtino

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