Tejano star Angel Gonzalez plans Texas wedding after Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage

Angel Gonzalez Y Vimana performs at 2015 TMA Fan Fair in San Antonio. (Bobby Villela/Bobby V Photography)
Angel Gonzalez Y Grupo Vimana perform at 2015 TMA Fan Fair in San Antonio. (Bobby Villela/Bobby V Photography)
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In a historic 5-4 ruling on Friday, the Supreme Court of the United States said there is a right to same-sex marriage in all 50 states.  This was exciting news for two-time Tejano Music Awards nominee Angel Gonzalez, Tejano’s only openly gay male artist.

“Now, me and my husband can get married in Texas,” Gonzalez posted on his Facebook page after the decision. “We officially were married in Oklahoma, but now that they passed the law, Texas bound wedding here we come!”

Gonzalez is open about his love and marriage to all his fans.

“I don’t hide nothing from my fans, they don’t know I’m a bigger fan of them then they are of me,” he said.

Gonzalez gets support from family, friends, fans and the gay community to help with obstacles that come his way being the only openly gay male Tejano artist.

“My husband says he’s proud of me for facing so many obstacles many would be afraid to face. He’s happy that the gay community has someone whom is a face for them in the Mexican-American music industry,” Gonzalez told  “I tell him it’s me being proud of him being in the Army and getting deployed sometime this year.  I tell him I look up to him for his courage and I’m so honored to share my love with someone whom cares for the people as much as i do.”

It was late 2011 when Gonzalez decided to demonstrate his Hispanic pride and showcase his talents by entering the Austin Tejano Music Coalition‘s Tejano Idol competition singing his own original Tejano material.  The competition was the first of its kind for Austin and although Gonzalez placed a humbling fourth, he received such positive feedback from the judges, sponsors, and fellow competitors that he decided to diversify his music further into the world of Tejano.

A few months later, in early 2012, Gonzalez found a random group of enthusiastic musicians that were willing to give him a chance, and the band, Angel Y Grupo Vimana, was formed. The band worked extremely well together that within a few short months, they were booked to perform at huge venues such as the TTMA Fan Fair in San Antonio and even share the stage with Tejano superstars like Jimmy Gonzalez y Grupo Mazz, Gary Hobbs and David Mares.

The hard work paid off for the band as they earned two Tejano Music Awards nominations, for Best New Group in 2013 and Best New Male Artist in 2014.

Angel Y Grupo Vimana released their latest single “Se Fue Mi Amor” in March and the official video in June.

Gonzalez’ star is rising in the Tejano industry and his dreams are coming true and has advice for those that are just like him.

“For everyone whom is scared that you can’t live your dream because of your sexual preference, stay strong and you can be whom you want and live your dream, no boundaries!”

1 comment on “Tejano star Angel Gonzalez plans Texas wedding after Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage

  1. Steve Rat Silvas

    Very proud of this gentalman for coming out,and be himself,
    That doesn’t take guts,I takes pride and comfort knowing
    That he sure,and very healthy self esteem.
    My hats off to Angel.Hopely I’ll get to meet him in Vegas.
    Steve Rat Silvas …..CAÑONAZO


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