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La Gringa Novelera: El Senor De Los Cielos 3 [June 26, 2015]

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Yes, ‪#‎ElSenorDeLosCielos3‬ on ‪#‎Telemundo‬ is a fantastic NarcoNovela, but it’s so much more than that…

El Señor must have a heart made of Red Bull & Vodka, because even though 50% of his arteries are blocked, he pursues La Condesa with a passion he usually uses to get as many of those gigantic jungle phones as he can.

Who is La Condesa?

Why she is only the wife of El Don Feyo, who is himself the biggest Narco in all of Mexico, the host of the NarcoConvention, the Celebrity Look-A-Like of The Most Interesting Man in the World, the Medical Liason for El Señor as he navigates the complicated world of PenaNietoCare (universal health care in Mexico) for El Señor and his heart problems, Godfather to El Señor, and he is the ex-boyfriend of Dona Alba (El Senor’s mother.)

Did I mention Don El Feyo is the Capo de Tutti Capi of Michoacan?

So just to recap:

El Señor, with only half of a heart, decides that it would be a good idea to pursue Mrs Don El Feyo, aka La Condesa.

Maybe his heart defect is blocking the oxygen supply to his brain.

Or else his brain is below his belt.

Or both…

Please read my update below to find out what’s going to happen tonight.

A little bird in the form of Don El Feyo’s son-in-law, who graduated high school a year before Don El Feyo, La Condesa’s own father, told El Don Feyo all about La Condesa and El Señor.

Papa could tell they had been intimate because they both dropped the “La” and “El” bits, and we’re much more informal with each other.

My update below tells you all about what’s coming!




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