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La Gringa Novelera: El Senor De Los Cielos 3 Preview [June 22, 2015]

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Buenas noches!!

Estas listo for the SuperHappyFunCrazyEyesNarcoNovela‪ #‎ElSenorDeLosCielos3‬ on ‪#‎Telemundo‬?

This NarcoConvention at El Don Feyo’s rancho in Michoacan is much more exciting than your typical convention, which is why Marcado is angrier than usual (if such a thing is even mathematically possible) that he is not invited.

If he knew that La Monikita gave El Señor a real heart attack in that red dress, and kicked him in his Crown Jewels when he tried to choke her to death during one of the small break-out sessions, Marcado would be even angrier.
And to be honest, I don’t want to be there when he finds out that Monica crashed too, but Don El Feyo let her in anyway because she has the female Kevorka and no man can resist her.
Plus she looks extra-great in red.

Marcado is going to hit the roof when he finds out what’s happening and he is going to try to crash too.

However the difference between Marcado and Monica crashing this party is that they’ll kill him during a bathroom break, and still find time to go to the bathroom, but Monica will basically be elected Prom Queen of the NarcoConvention.

If Marcado crashes, maybe they will just have the NarcoBouncers throw him out.

However, that would be a big mistake.

The Conventioneers have two choices:
Either kill him, or, if they just throw him out the back door then they have to leave immediately, out of the front door.

This because there is a long-standing tradition that anyone who gets thrown out of a party must return and shoot everyone and anyone who was allowed to stay at the party.

Here in Chicago, it’s practically the law.

Everyone in the Windy City knows that if they are at a party, and someone gets thrown out of the party, that someone is coming back armed and angry.
The party’s over.

In fact, this is such a tradition here that some hosts who want the party to end already just pick someone to throw out, and the guests leave like the house is on fire.

In ‪#‎ESDLC3‬, Marcado is always stomping around, comparing his moustache to General
Generalisimo’s moustache, and complaining.

Well now he really has something to complain about because he is missing the BEST CONVENTION EVER.

Don’t miss tonight’s episode to see if the novela equivalent of Dr McDreamy of Michoacan comes to treat El Senor’s heart attack.

Some people think he’s faking but I disagree.
I think El Señor really does have a heart.




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