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The Last Bandoleros announce indefinite hiatus

The Navaira brothers have decided to focus on their rock group, Ready Revolution

The Last Bandoleros (Diego Navaira, Emilio Navaira, and James Fuentes) | Courtesy photo

The Last Bandoleros, the Tex-Mex Pop Rock band that includes brothers Emilio Navaira IV and Diego Navaira, announced an indefinite hiatus this week, according to a news source.


The San Antonio Current reports the brothers, sons of late Tejano legend Emilio Navaira, will focus on their rock group, Ready Revolution.

“I may want to come back in two years, but right now, in my heart, I have no interest in making a Bandos record or going out on the road with the Bandos,” Diego Navaira told the news outlet. “That’s not to say it’s not gonna happen again. But I’m not even thinking about it right now.”

For nearly a decade, The Last Bandoleros earned effusive praise for their accomplished musicianship and impressive harmonies opening for respected artists such as StingThe MavericksLos Lobos, and Dwight Yoakum. The trio lovingly referred to their unique new sound – a mix of Rock, Pop, and Latin flavor – as “Tex Flex.”

The award-winning band released three albums, including Live from Texas in 2020 and the companion albums, Tex Flex and Tex Flex Folkórico, which showcased their Tejano roots. The band earned a Premios Tejano Mundial for Crossover Song of the Year for “Maldita” in 2022.

Ready Rev self-issued its Let It Out album in February, which was actually completed in 2016, but the brothers decided not to release it then in order to focus on The Last Bandoleros.

Emilio Navaira IV told the news outlet, “I want to preserve how special the Bandos is, you know? When there’s a time to get back and do it, we’ll get back and do it.”

Read more at the San Antonio Current.

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