Destiny Navaira To Honor Her Father Raulito Navaira With Next Project, ‘Las Letras De Mi Padre’

The Latin Grammy-nominated singer will pay tribute to classic hits written by her iconic father.

Destiny Navaira & Raulito Navaira | Courtesy photo

Destiny Navaria will pay tribute to her father and Tejano icon Raulito Navaira with her next project, an EP titled “Las Letras De Mi Padre.”


The Latin Grammy-nominated singer made the announcement via social media on Friday (Mar. 10) she will honor her father, a two-time Grammy Award-winning singer/songwriter.

Raulito penned many iconic hits for his brother, late Tejano legend Emilio Navaira, including “Cómo Le Haré,” “Eclipse,” “Ya No Me Pones Atención” and many more.

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Destiny commented, “After the Latin Grammy nomination, I felt like I had reached a certain point with my original music where I felt ready to record a cover, and when asked which songs I wanted to sing, I couldn’t think of anyone else’s lyrics but my Dad’s.”

Destiny added fans can expect different versions of some of the favorite classics written by Raulito, “I think people will be pleasantly surprised at the changes we made to the styles of the songs and how we truly challenged ourselves to give the songs my own Destiny touch,” she said.

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Destiny is scheduled to release the EP under Unimuisk in late spring or early summer, under the direction of Grammy Award-winning producer Alfonso “Poncho” Herrera, as well as always with the guidance of her brother and bassist, Rigo Navaira.

“I’m so excited for people to hear what we’ve created,” added Destiny. “The surprises we have in store and hopefully they love it as much as I do, but if anything, I’m just so blessed that I’m able to show my Dad by gifting him this EP, how truly amazing he is, and how his work has impacted our genre and our culture.”

Destiny Navaira received a Latin Grammy nomination for her solo sophomore, “Dime Como Se Siente” last year and won three Tejano Music Awards, including Female Artist of the Year in 2021, and Best New Female Artist in 2016, adding Best New Group with Grupo Remedio the same year.

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