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Virginia Y Valor and Chente Barrera collaborate to bring awareness to abused children with ‘Inocentes’

The song's message is dedicated to helping non-profit organization Abused Children of America.

Courtesy of Valor Records

Rio Grande Valley-based band Virginia Y Valor has released a new song with an important message. “Inocentes,” a collaboration with Grammy winner Chente Barrera, brings awareness to abused children.


The song was composed by Humberto “Beto” Ramon and produced by Hugo Guerrero. It was commissioned by James Dominguez, founder of the non-profit organization Abused Children of America, dedicated to helping abused and neglected children.

“What you hear when you listen to the song is a message that he really wanted people to receive in that these are innocent children that it’s not their fault. We need to help them, they are our future,” said Dr. Virginia Champion, Ed.D., lead vocalist of Virginia Y Valor. “So he’s hoping this song is a way to communicate that message.”

When Dominguez asked Virginia to create the song she turned to top members of the Tejano industry.

“I wanted to co-write the song so I reached out to Beto Ramon and he was willing to co-write this song with me,” added Virginia. “We worked on it together and then took it to Hugo Guerrero, who produced it and I invited Chente Barrera to be a featured artist on the song and he was more than willing to do that.”

The song is meant to bring attention to the non-profit Abused Children of America, as founder James Dominguez hopes to create a better life for children of the RGV as he plans to build 20 transition living facilities from Brownsville to Laredo for children in need of a safe place to reside.

“The academy will house an average of 300 plus children that have been abused throughout America,” Dominguez told

Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) in Hidalgo County currently have roughly 600 child abuse cases. Abused children in the RGV are currently transferred to facilities in Houston or San Antonio with the current lack of housing. Learn more at

Virginia Y Valor — “Inocentes” featuring Chente Barrera
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