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Papa Johns Launches Garlic Sauce Talisman Necklace for Halloween

Stranger Bling merchandise marks the return of the brand's Jack! character

The Stranger Bling necklace features in a striking new 4K teaser film, spotlighting the accessory’s inspiration and craftsmanship. | Subscribe to Tejano Nation on YouTube

MILTON KEYNES, England — (PRNewswire) — Things just got spooky at Papa Johns as it launches its latest Halloween-themed international marketing campaign.

The campaign sees Papa Johns resurrect its ’80s horror film parody series Jack!, with the launch of its first-ever piece of jewelry – the Stranger Bling necklace.


Immortalizing Papa Johns’ iconic Special Garlic Dipping Sauce, and inspired by cult horror classics, the talisman-style necklace harnesses the mythical power of garlic to protect the wearer against supernatural spirits and possessed Halloween pizzas.

Taking cues from gothic jewelry, the Stranger Bling necklace is forged in oxidized 925 sterling silver – a precious metal that is believed to repel vampires and werewolves – and is hinged to replicate the opening and closing of a real sauce pot.

Spotlighting the inspiration and craftmanship behind the unique accessory, the necklace is featured in a striking new teaser film produced by Glacé Media and released ahead of Halloween.

An exclusive run of the Stranger Bling necklace is available to buy internationally at: Black Feather Design.

The limited-edition jewelry launch also pays homage to the Jack! film series, in which a possessed Jack O’Lantern pizza is defeated by the magical powers of Papa Johns’ Special Garlic Dipping Sauce and hero pizza delivery guy, Bruce.

Created exclusively for Papa Johns, Jack! was brought to life by LA-based YouTube film specialists, SKY CORP, harnessing cutting-edge CGI and SFX to transform Papa Johns’ seasonal Jack O’Lantern pizza into an on-screen villain. Sean Schemmel, best known for his role as Goku from Dragon Ball Z, features as the chilling voice of Jack!

Fans of cult US horror directors and movies, including John Carpenter and The Evil Dead, will instantly recognize the film’s dramatic cues, while the blood-curdling laugh of the late horror film legend, Vincent Price, makes a posthumous appearance in Jack! 

Lawrence Felice, Director, International Marketing EMENA at Papa Johns, comments: “This year, we’re paying homage to cult horror classics and serving up nostalgia with our latest Halloween-themed marketing campaign. As well as bringing back our iconic Jack! series, we’re excited to offer fans a one-of-a-kind keepsake that celebrates our legendary Special Garlic Dipping Sauce.”

The new multi-channel global campaign will run in selected markets across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America this month. 

Papa Johns’ Halloween range, including the Jack O’Lantern pizza, will be available to order in select markets via or via local ordering apps.

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