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Mayra Veronica aims to bring the world together again – and get everyone up and dancing – with her vibrant and infectious new single ‘Ven’

The track celebrates the singer's personal comeback from the effects of COVID-19 and the next phase of her multi-faceted career

Mayra Veronica release of VEN through BMG US. IG @MayraVeronica

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — (PRNewswire) — With the harshest days of the pandemic thankfully behind us, Billboard top-charting artist Mayra Veronica – marking her own powerful inspirational comeback from the lingering health effects of COVID-19 – needs only one word to celebrate the magic of family and friends coming together in the name of dancing again – “VEN.”


The multi-talented Cuban American singer/songwriter’s latest infectious, intensely percussive Tropical/Latin Spanish language single on the BMG Music Label – set for release April 8 – is a co-write with Carlos Celles (Luis Fonsi, Chayanne) and was produced by MVA Productions and DJ Dennis D’Menace Nieves, who has worked with everyone from Fonsi and Jennifer Lopez to Shakira and Nelly Furtado.

The song is currently up for consideration as the theme for the next World Cup.

By design, its clever lyrics can be interpreted in a universal sense of people around the world reconnecting and as a more intimate expression of two lovers thinking about each other and longing to have a good time together. The song touches on the idea that all bad things in life go away and every happiness grows by dancing – so, as Mayra says, “come with me and have a good time.”

“The message is so very necessary in today’s times,” she adds. “So much of our lives have been taken with the pandemic. I hope this song helps everyone forget for a few minutes any hardship they may have endured, and come together by remembering our love for one another. It’s a romantic tune that for me personally touches on my own painful journey from major health struggles through healing and finding gratitude along the way. Yet it’s also about the world reawakening to new possibilities, having fun again after being apart for so long and just being able to let loose, let go of our worries, and dance once more, dancing was always a big part of my life and being able to dance again has been the biggest blessing.”

Mayra Veronica — “Ven”
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A video capturing the great fun spirit of “Ven” is scheduled to be shot on April 23 in Mayra’s childhood hometown of Miami, FL. The singer says, “Expect it to be steamy” as she’s known to be, but with a lighthearted party twist, reflecting the theme of the world coming back together.

The single’s vibrant cover art, featuring the sultry songstress was re-created by Italian pop art virtuoso Luca Valentino, who worked wonders with her striking black hair, gorgeous facial features, and curvaceous figure in an amazing work of art they will release following the arrival of “VEN”. The painting was inspired by the cover art, Mayra’s image weaved in and around images of black and white “photographs” of the backs of soccer players, with soccer-related newspaper clippings as a backdrop. Valentini considers the song the inspiration for the art piece and they will set off their own release of the artwork.

The promotional tour for “Ven” will begin in May when Mayra looks forward to visiting her friends at Univision, where she began her career such as “El Gordo y la Flaca,” one of her favorite Spanish shows. It will be followed by a video unveil and listening party in Las Vegas where fans will be awarded “Ven” merchandise.”

Mayra will then follow the release of “Ven” with a ballad titled “Que Mas,” also co-written by her and Celles and produced by Gustavo Farias, a multi-Grammy winner who has worked with the likes of Juan GabrielMark AnthonyPaul AnkaVicente FernandezAndrea Bocelli, Luis Fonsi, Charles AznacourFranco de Vita and many others.

Mayra has been an unstoppable musical force since launching her singing career with her debut album Vengo con To in 2007. Her 2010 hit “If You Wanna Fly” reached #13 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart and #5 on the Dance/Electronic Digital Songs chart. Her follow-up “Freak Like Me” reached #3 on the Hot Dance Club Play chart and “Ay Mama Mia” (2013) hit #1, making it only the second Latin single to reach the top of the American charts. Simon Cowell acquired the exclusive distribution rights of the song’s English version, which became an international sensation, charting in France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, and the UK.

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