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Destiny Navaira delivers two versions for new single ‘Dime Cómo Se Siente’, drops music video for ballad version

The songs will part of the two-time Tejano Music Awards winner's highly-anticipated new album in April.

Destiny Navaira, who has been pursuing her career and making a name for herself in Mexico and other Latin markets, has just released two new tracks and a video for her highly-anticipated new album scheduled to be released in April. 


“Dime Cómo Se Siente” has two versions: the first is a pop ballad where the songstress features her powerful vocals and range and the later a Banda version where she displays her versatility not only musically but vocally. The Banda version also features her brother and bassist of Grupo Remedio, Rigo Navaira.

“This song was sent to me by a songwriter named Max Cantu,” said Destiny. “I immediately fell in love with the song and knew I wanted a power ballad, the Banda version soon followed as we got into the studio in Monterrey.”

Destiny hopes to explore the many sides of Mexican music and has spoken of surprises to be heard on her highly anticipated sophomore album.

“I am recording what I’m feeling and what I and my band create from the moment the song is written,” she added. “There’s no gimmick involved we’re just putting out music that people can enjoy.”

Destiny, who recently started touring in both Texas and Mexico, hopes to bring new fans to the Tejano genre.

“Navaira is a staple in the Tejano genre, whether purposely or unknowingly this is the music I represent and love,” she said. “My goal is to be the front of a major change for our music, (because it’s time for one) while maintaining the quality of music That was released in the glory days, but infusing the modern sounds of Texas and Mexico.” 

“Dime Cómo Se Siente” is available on all digital platforms today and watch the official video below.

Destiny Navaira — “Dime Cómo Se Siente”
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