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Isabel Marie Sanchez returns with new up-tempo electro cumbia single ‘No Me Mires Asi’

The Tejano Music Awards winner releases an up-tempo electro cumbia for the lead single from her upcoming fifth album.

Isabel Marie Sanchez has returned with a new studio single “No Me Mires Asi.” It’s the first new song released by the award-winning singer since leaving Q Productions after five years and four successful albums with the Corpus Christi-based record label.


The talented 18-year-old vocalist teamed with Latin music executive and producer Carlos Alvarez, Jorge “El Guero” Hernandez, and her father Carlos Sanchez to produce her latest track, which was written by Latin Grammy winner Juan Trevino.

“It’s a really fun cumbia mariachi mix and it has a lot of trumpets, which I love trumpets I added more,” Isabel Marie tells Tejano Nation. “I’m really excited for everyone to hear it. It’s my first project not being with Q Productions and it’s something we all worked hard on and it’s a really exciting moment for us.”

Isabel Marie was able to add her own thoughts as she co-produced her latest tune, an up-tempo electro cumbia with Sonora style trumpet creating a festive sound.

“I did have a little hand in it, told them some of my ideas as well,” she said. “It’s really exciting growing as an artist and growing my creativity it’s really fun. I’m writing so the new things we’re going to be coming out with are really exciting.”

“No Me Mires Asi” is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms and included in the New Tejano playlist for February curated by Tejano Nation. It is the first of more upcoming singles from Isabel Marie in early 2022 with an EP scheduled for release in mid-May.

Isabel Marie — No Me Mires Asi
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