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Fans Can Enter For a Chance to Win the Hormel Chili Cheese Keg for Their Big Game Party

The makers of Hormel Chili create first-ever chili cheese keg.

Hormel Chilli Cheese Keg Launch Video
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AUSTIN, Minn. — (PRNewswire) — The makers of Hormel Chili, America’s iconic No. 1 selling chili brand*, today unveiled the first-ever Hormel Chili Cheese Keg, a revolutionary gameday appetizer innovation that combines delicious Hormel Chili and cheese inside a fully functioning half-barrel keg. From Jan. 26 to Feb. 6, 2022, fans can visit for the chance to “Tap into Greatness” by entering for a chance to win a Hormel Chili Cheese Keg for their Big Game gathering.


The Hormel Chili Cheese Keg provides a massive upgrade to football fans’ Big Game food spread – instantly making the lucky winner a game day hero. In an innovation miracle, this unique vessel was designed and fabricated to provide 15 gallons of hot, delicious Hormel Chili Cheese dip right from the tap for people to enjoy throughout the game.

The keg features a proprietary adjustable internal heating element, a tap handle in the shape of the iconic Hormel Chili can, and a chili-cheese pump that ensures optimal pouring. Using a specially engineered internal cauldron, the keg can also be refilled for later use. At full capacity, the keg provides nearly three hundred 4 oz. servings of Hormel Chili Cheese fan fuel to power game day gatherings.

The winner of the sweepstakes will have the Hormel Chili Cheese Keg hand-delivered to their home for their Big Game festivities on Feb. 13, 2022.

“We know fans want to snack big when they watch the most important football game of the year, but they also want to add some excitement to their usual options,” said Corrine Hjelmen, Hormel Chili Brand Manager. “We thought what better way to show our fans how Hormel Chili can pour on the excitement than by creating a never-before-attempted innovation – the Hormel Chili Cheese Keg – that would become the life of their Big Game party.”

The Hormel Chili Cheese Keg is the latest extension of the brand’s “Pour On” marketing campaign, originally introduced in January 2020, to highlight Hormel Chili as the easiest way to add excitement to mundane meals. In a new television commercial also released today called “Chili Cheese Hands,” a group of friends are watching football and the gathering is transformed into an over-the-top party after tasting Hormel Chili Cheese Dip, with guests’ arms reaching across the room and intertwining as each vies for their own taste of this mouthwatering dip.

Chilli Cheese Hands :15
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*based on latest 52-week IRI data

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