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Texas Latino album ‘Fe’ is a perfect collection of tunes that we need after a difficult year during pandemic

The San Antonio-based group experimented with new sounds for highly-anticipated album that was recorded during the pandemic.

Courtesy of Discos Severo

Texas Latino has been entertaining fans since the early 1990s and the award-winning band has released their highly-anticipated album Fe, a collection of tunes that were recorded during the pandemic and was a labor of love.


The album is titled after the lead single “Fe”, a song about having kept the faith during troubled times.

Texas Latino frontman Gabe Rivera tells Tejano Nation. “I think people need to hear that it’s important to have faith more now than ever because it was such a tough year and it really was a labor of love and a journey that we decided to come up with this album and we’re really excited.”

Rivera added the San Antonio-based band experimented with different sounds for the 10-track album.

“We got to come up with different ideas, so we thought let’s throw a couple of curveballs on this album, so we came up with a country tune called ‘Trying To Get To You’ and another track on the album called ‘Galaxia’,” he said. “That song is probably one of my favorite songs because we experimented with the cumbia sound, there’s a rap in the middle también (too). It’s really, really cool.”

“Mi Propia Galaxia” has received positive responses from fans since the album was released this week, according to Rivera.

“We’ve been getting a lot of love from so many Tejano fans, new and old of Texas Latino, so we super excited about that,” he said. “I think it’s a sign of new things to come, of course, Texas Latino will always be Tejano. We’re always going to have those standard rancheras and cumbias which are also on this album. Pero también (but also), I think it’s important to experiment a little bit with the music to kind of try to reach out to a broader audience especially the younger generation.”

“Fe” from Texas Latino is available to stream or download on all digital music platforms.

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  1. sasfinest

    Great Job Texas Latino! Now if only we could get a Tejano Radio station to play these songs.


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