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‘Encanto’ actress Adassa releases new cumbia ‘Ni Un Beso’

The singer, songwriter, and actress released a spicy cumbia with a Tejano/international fusion.

Courtesy of CHR Records

It has been said that all good things eventually come full circle, such as the case for singer/songwriter/actress, Adassa. This Miami-born Afro-Latin Colombian singer refers to Texas as the place where it all started. From humble beginnings in Houston, Texas, to international venues around the world, Adassa and her award-winning husband, Gabriel Candiani, now firmly establish their Tejano/International fusion with this spicy cumbia, “Ni Un Beso.”


This catchy cumbia is beautifully performed by Adassa and is composed by Candiani and Adassa. The couple has an extensive music history that runs deep in the Tejano music circuit. Candiani has scored some award-winning productions with Grupo Fama, Elida Y Avante, Juan P. Moreno, and others. Adassa has performed and toured in the international market, collaborating with such artists as Daddy Yankee, Pitbull, Snoop Dogg, Enrique Iglesias, and others. It has been an exciting year for this power couple as Adassa was sought out by Walt Disney Productions to co-star in the major motion picture “Encanto,” voicing the character “Dolores.” Disney’s “Encanto” is now playing in theaters everywhere.

CHR Records releases Adassa’s new single, “Ni Un Beso,” available for download and streaming on all digital platforms.

Adassa — “Ni Un Beso”
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