PickleJar solidifies new partnership with Outhouse Tickets, acquiring more live music stages and supporting more artists

PickleJar will be featured throughout the Outhouse website as part of a “Tip This Artist” campaign.

HOUSTON, TX — (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — PickleJar Holdings, an emerging peer-to-peer cashless tipping platform for musicians and content creators, announces an Alliance Partnership with Outhouse Tickets, a nationwide ticketing service. The Alliance Partnership between the two Texas-based companies combines the musician reach and event-driven fan base of the Outhouse Tickets platform with PickleJar’s deep technology experience artists-to-fan engagement, fintech applications, data analytics, and cloud managed services. The combined expertise will help musicians create more value through each performance with PickleJar’s artist-first technologies. 


As part of the agreement, PickleJar will be featured throughout the Outhouse website as part of a “Tip This Artist” campaign. Fans will be encouraged to download the PickleJar app and tip the musicians during their performance to further support their favorite artists when purchasing tickets to shows and event. Artists using the PickleJar app receive 100% of every tip made. 

“Outhouse Tickets represents the very artists and performances PickleJar was developed to support. It is an honor to have Greg as a partner as we introduce PickleJar to the world,” said Jeff James, PickleJar’s Chief Executive Officer. “The synergies between our two companies will help accelerate the exposure of ‘tip-worthy’ musicians and reward fans for supporting local music. We are truly thankful Outhouse is joining us to help transform live entertainment.” 

“Outhouse is thrilled to join forces with PickleJar as live shows gear up again,” said Greg Satterwhite, Owner of Outhouse Tickets. “The past year has been very difficult for everyone who works in live events, and we want to bring as much awareness as we can to upcoming shows and performances. PickleJar will help do that as well as bring in much deserved tips for the artists who’ve worked so hard to stay afloat.” 

The PickleJar tipping app is available in the Apple App Store. With PickleJar, musicians and content creators can turn song requests, shout outs and audience participation into a quick, seamless payment experience combined with fan loyalty rewards. The app includes free performance engagement and marketing tools to connect artists with fans, venues, and new audiences – completely changing the entertainment experience on any stage, stream, or “PickSpot”. 

To learn more about the PickleJar app, including creating your account, check out:

About PickleJar Holdings:

PickleJar believes artists should have full control over the profitability of their creative talents. Our peer-to-peer payment technology and proprietary performance management tools make it frictionless to receive, manage and move money for musicians, content creators and artists of all kinds on any stage, streaming platform or street corner. Leveraging the deep fintech and music industry expertise of our leadership team, we have launched the first social payments app specifically built to put the #ArtistFirst. The cashless tipping app creates direct engagement between artists and fan, then tokenizes loyalty through a unique rewards program. We are committed to empowering people to maximize their earning potential and realizing their financial freedom in the new Gratitude Economy. Learn more about the “world’s biggest tip jar” at

About Outhouse Tickets:

Outhouse Tickets started with the idea to make obtaining a concert ticket available to any event no matter the size of the venue. There were a few companies that offered online tickets to smaller venues, but the “convenience fee” was too high to justify buying online. We set out to create a site that offered customers the ability to purchase tickets to any size event from home or by phone with a few simple clicks. By receiving tickets through, you guarantee your entry to the event. With an attention to ease of use and web site security our priority, we created Outhouse Tickets. Learn more about the ticketing platform at

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