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Pete Astudillo blends Latin sounds for ‘Separaditos’ cumbia featuring positive message

The singer and songwriter released an energetic cumbia with a powerful and positive message.

Pete Astudillo | Photo: Nacho De La Garza

Pete Astudillo released “Separaditos” this week, an energetic cumbia featuring a blend of Latin sounds with a powerful, positive message.


The track, produced by Raul Sanchez at Music Ranch Studios, was developed during the height of the pandemic and delivers a heartfelt message as the world strives to return back to individual health, while enjoying a favorite activity, dancing.

“It’s a positive message, it’s message of hope,” Astudillo tells Tejano Nation. “It’s a very serious and important message that we kind of wanted to do in a fun way. It seems like both those things don’t go together but I think we kind of captured the feeling that people want to get out there and do all these things again and the bottom line is we can do them all again but we just got to be cautious a little bit longer and then we don’t have to be anymore.”

The track, written by Astudillo, features cumbia beats fused with reggaeton and electric guitar performed by Diego Garcia.

The singer and songwriter, known for composing some of the biggest hits for late Latin music icon Selena and member of Los Dinos, plans to support his latest single via social media.

“We’re going to throw out this TikTok challenge, show us your ‘Separadito’ dance,” he said. “We’re going to make up a dance, kind of a challenge type of thing and of course promote the message.”

Pete Astudillo — “Separaditos” (Snippet)

“Separaditos” is the lead single from an upcoming project due out later this year that will feature a fusion of different rhythms, including a duet with Raul Sanchez and a cumbia collaboration with Erick Sanchez of Grupo Massore titled “El Rey Del Ritmo.”

“Separaditos” from Pete Astudillo is available for download at

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