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Stefani Montiel showcases different style with new single ‘Ya Lo Ves’

The three-time Grammy-nominated singer continues to innovate her sound, including with her latest single 'Ya Lo Ves.'

Stefani Montiel is one of the biggest stars in Tejano music with a career that spans more than three decades, beginning with a full-length album as a 9-year-old singer from New Mexico. Along with her husband, award-winning hitmaker Gabriel Zavala, Stefani continues to innovate her sound, including with her latest single release “Ya Lo Ves.”


The tune showcases a different sound for the three-time Grammy-nominated vocalist.

“It’s a different style for me, it’s just a little bit out of the box of what I normally do,” Stefani tells Tejano Nation. “It’s been doing really, really great on the charts so far we’ve gained a lot of respect for it because like I said it’s just a different style for Stefani Montiel. You know I’m all about the super danceable club cumbias and things like that and this one is a cumbia but it’s a little bit different it’s a little more of a traditional sound.”

Stefani added that “Ya Lo Ves” features a very powerful message.

“It’s a very powerful song, a very empowering song,” she said. “I think it came out at the right time especially everything that’s been going on with COVID and everyone just kind of feeling a little bit knocked down, you know, like we’ve all kind of had our own situations through it and this song is really something that just kind of shows that no matter what we go through we can end up on our feet and we’ll be okay. I think a lot of people can relate to it.”

Stefani Montiel — “Ya Lo Ves” (Lyric Video)
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Stefani Montiel is working on a new album and a lot of other projects that include amazing collaborations.

“Ya Lo Ves” from Stefani Montiel is available at all major digital music platforms.

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