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Yvonne Y Fuego return with Mario Vigil-produced ‘Muero Sin Ti’

The award-winning group from Ohio has returned with a new single produced by late Grammy winner Mario Vigil.

Award-winning Midwestern Tejano group Yvonne Y Fuego has returned with a new single, “Muero Sin Ti,” produced by the late Mario Vigil. This is the first new song from the Ohio-based group in more than three years.


“Muero Sin Ti” was written by Jesse Villarreal and was the last production for Grammy winner Mario Vigil, who passed away in February 2020 from colon cancer. The track also features superb musicianship from Vigil, and drummer Aaron Holler, which was mix and mastered at Art oF Holler Music. It received additional production from Rolando Revilla, who produced the group’s two albums. This was all under the direction of executive producer Augie Moreno.

“It just all melted and came together, the beauty of technology and I could not be happier with the product and outcome,” Yvonne Ramos-Ybarra tells Tejano Nation. “These guys are masterminds when it comes to this. It sounds like we were all in the same place at the same time putting the song together it was amazing!”

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“The musical arrangement, oh my gosh, you want to talk about top-notch musicianship, it was amazing,” she added.

The project was put on hold for a while because Vigil passed away and Ramos tested positive for COVID-19 and was very sick for 21 days.

“When I was supposed to start laying the vocals I got very, very sick and it takes along time after COVID for you to recover and I just didn’t have the breath really to sing strong enough and we really wanted to do the song justice.”

Yvonne has recovered from COVID-19 and is ready to give her fans this new single and has few projects in the works for 2021.

“Muero Sin Ti” from Yvonne Y Fuego is available at all digital outlets.

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