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Cortney releases ‘Ansias Locas’ from upcoming debut album

The talented vocalist has released her latest single from her upcoming solo debut album.

The humble beginnings for Cortney started with karaoke to performing at music festivals, and even auditioning for Univision music competition show Objetivo Fama at the age of 18.


After submitting an audition tape to La Preferencia, the band happily invited the talented singer to become their lead vocalist.  During her time with the band, she obtained valuable knowledge and experience in the studio while creating a remarkable stage presence. This great opportunity allowed her to showcase her astounding vocal skills.

After parting ways with the band, Cortney was highly encouraged by Rosie Allison Promotions (who was a promoter for La Preferencia) to pursue a career as a solo artist. As Cortney continued her musical journey, Rosie constantly noticed the potential and drive the singer possessed to become more successful. Later, Rosie Allison introduced Cortney to producer Severo “Sevy” Contreras at Slack Monster Studios, where the two became acquainted and immediately made an incredible connection.

“Severo and I saw the beautiful aura of Cortney inside and out,” Rosie Allison tells Tejano Nation. “She is an amazing artist.”

“Ansias Locas” is an exciting song that begins with Cortney’s strong and confident vocals. It’s a very fun cumbia that radiates feminine passion. The powerful instrumentals in the background complement and support her voice while bringing the beautiful sounds in an innovative way that’s delightful to hear over and over.

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It expresses a burning desire to feel her companions’ affection that she reminisces about often. She is certain of this love and will stop at nothing to bring those special moments back to life. 

“I had mentioned how I wanted to do a sexy cumbia and he introduced me to ‘Ansias Locas,’ which was written by Rosalba T. Gonzalez, and once he put the music together, I loved it,” Cortney tells Tejano Nation.

“As women, I feel we sometimes crave passion and affection, and what better way than to dedicate this song to that one special person,” Cortney added.

With Cortney’s unique style she has won the hearts of her listeners as a new artist. Gaining respect from the Tejano music industry with her devotion she is setting the bar higher.

Cortney has been working on plenty of projects behind the scenes such as singles that are authentic to her sound and have strong influences from her childhood. She is currently working on her highly-anticipated solo album that is set to be released this December.

“Selena Quintanilla was a huge inspiration to me growing up. Then, I fell in love with Jennifer Pena’s style. Growing into my high school years, Grupo Costumbre (currently Zamorales), Solido, and Intocable became huge influences. I love their style of music.” said Cortney. “As for regional artists, I love Thalia, Alicia Villarreal, Ana Barbara, Pilar Montenegro, Mariana Seone, and Ninel Conde. I would say they have a huge influence on my current style of music.”

Although Cortney isn’t currently signed to any label, she will continue to make her music available for everyone who enjoys it. This year has much in store with plenty of exciting things to look forward to like surprise collaborations, music videos, and lots of entertaining Tejano/Norteno mixes. So, to all fans and supporters, stay tuned!

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