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Trueno releases ‘Solo A Ti’ from new album [AUDIO]

The band released the second single from their first new album in 10 years.

Trueno released the second single, “Solo A Ti,” from their highly-anticipated new album.

The track was written by well known composer Valenzi, who is known for writing hit songs for Michael Salgado (“Palomita Blanca”), Gary Hobbs (“Las Miradas”), Stephanie Lynn (“Pegadita”), Masizzo (“Te Quiero Tanto”), and many more.

“Solo A Ti” is another masterful, melodic, commercial song that features the signature sound from the Dilley, Texas-based band.

The self-titled new album from Trueno was released September 13 from Discos Solcar. It’s their first album released in 10 years and is considered to be their best album yet.

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LISTEN: Tueno – “Solo a Ti”

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