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Candace Vargas returns with new album ‘A Mi Modo’ after five-year hiatus

Award-winning singer Candace Vargas has made a bold return to Tejano music after a five-year hiatus with a new album "A Mi Modo."

Candace Vargas | Courtesy photo

Award-winning singer Candace Vargas has made a bold return to Tejano music after a five-year hiatus with a new album “A Mi Modo.”

The album released in June 2018 has shattered expectations and borders due to the support of the New Mexico-based vocalist’s devoted fans across the country.

The singer and songwriter took time off from recording and touring to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Mathematics. Upon receiving her degree, Vargas was excited to get back into the studio to do what she loves most. 

Using renowned songwriter Humberto “Beto” Ramon, along with other original songs, Vargas hoped to provide a fresh and unique sound to the album. The multiple New Mexico Hispano Awards winner also enlisted some of Tejano Music’s breakthrough producers to assist with the creation of the album. Eddie Perez, Mario Ortiz, and Vick Nash Espinoza used their creative energy to make the album a success. 

Several songs on this album such as “Sera,” “Pocos Tiempos,” and “Dia De Solteras,” have charted for weeks on radio stations across the United States and in Mexico. 

The most recent and exciting news is that Vargas was listed on the Industry Ballot for this year’s Tejano Music Awards as Female Vocalist, Album of the Year for “A Mi Modo”, and Song of the Year with “Sera. The singer has also been selected to perform at the 39th annual Tejano Music Awards show on November 16th at the Scottish Rite Auditorium in San Antonio, Texas.

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LISTEN: Candace Vargas – “A Mi Modo”

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