Siggno caps off show that featured Lucky Joe, La Calma, Stefani Montiel in New Braunfels

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A Siggno performance is more like a spiritual experience. Led by charismatic accordionist and vocalist Jesse Turner, the tight band hypes up the crowd with their talent and energy, backed by a giant video screen of images, photos and colors to further stimulate the crowd. This concert and musical journey took place Saturday, Sept. 7 at New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center as Siggno headlined a multi-act lineup that included Lucky Joe, La Calma, Stefani Montiel and Gabriel Zavala.

But Turner is at the center of it all. He sings from his soul, carrying a note out to its emotional end with a powerful, pain-filled passion and the crowd screams. He speaks about the hardships of life and encourages his fans to persevere and they shout back with an equal level of emotion. And he preaches about everyone having a purpose in life and the crowd hollers.

But perhaps what fans most love, in addition to the pumping, contagious beats that Siggno offers, is how Turner gets personal, shares what’s in his heart, and demands an intimate connection with his fans.

When he noticed that several rectangular tables separated the audience from the stage, he motioned and the tables immediately disappeared. Now, the fans could push up against the stage and get even closer to Turner.

Turner thanked the fans for their support of his son, Jacob, who in 2016 was in a horrific car accident that left him critically injured. Turner spoke of his love for his 80-year-old mother, backed by a video of the two of them hugging, and he talked about how he cried for days after losing the first love of his life.

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Those in attendance enjoyed a multi-act lineup that included the divalicious Stefani Montiel and hitmaker Gabriel Zavala; multi-talented group La Calma, and singer/songwriter and musician Lucky Joe.

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Stefani and La Calma took the stage together to perform their hit collaboration, “Echame La Culpa.” Zavala and Lucky Joe also joined Siggno on stage for a jam session as Turner took to the drums.

Leonel Correa of La Calma and Stefani Montiel talk collaboration + more

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Tejano Nation spoke exclusively with all of the performers Saturday night. Check out the videos and the photos from Saturday night’s star-studded show.

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