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Conjunto Malo are four veteran musicians creating music with no boundaries

Interview: Conjunto Malo are four veteran musicians creating music with no boundaries

Conjunto Malo

Conjunto lovers from Avondale and surrounding areas were “Malofied” on July 27 by the sounds of Conjunto Malo, presented by Familia Aguilar Promotions. A packed house filled Atlantis Bar and Grill.

The West Texas Conjunto is music with no boundaries, a point of view is that West Texas Conjunto is hyped. Conjunto Malo was formed just seven months ago. Band members include Joey Luciano (Bass), a two-tour Afghan War Army veteran, who has played with Tejano Highway 281 and Mike G y Los Reales. Paul Gonzales (Bajo Quinto) who has played with Eddie Gonzalez and Ricardo Gutierrez. Jason Martinez (Accordion) has played with David Beck and Eddie Gonzalez. Last but not least, Jeremy Ramos (lead vocals, drummer) has played with Stampede and Rick Fuentes. All seasoned musicians to form the conjunto from Snyder, Texas. Filling in for Jason Martinez at Atlantis was the long-time accordion player for the Hometown Boys, 2016 Accordion Player of the Year winner, Steven Martinez.

“Fantasia,” a remake of the hit song from Jay Perez form his 2002 album “Hombre En La Luna,” helped put Conjunto Malo on Internet Radio adding their own twist to the single.

More songs will be changed up and we will put our West Texas flavor in it,” Ramos told Tejano Nation contributor Peaches about upcoming music from the band.

Learn more about Conjunto Malo on Facebook and Youtube.

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