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Daughter Digitizes Release for Rebirth of Rosina Records and Sixto Sanchez 52 Years After Tragedy

Daughter Digitizes Release for Rebirth of Rosina Records and Sixto Sanchez 52 Years After Tragedy

San Marcos, Texas — In the 1960s and 70s, Rosina Records was an independently-owned record label based in San Marcos. Its catalog included Chicano Soul and early recordings of Tejano music legends, as well as those of a rising star named Sixto Sanchez, who died in an accident in 1967. Now, 52 years after his death and decades after Rosina closed its doors, a daughter has resurrected its legacy.

In 2012, Rhea Kimbell ventured into her mother’s storage room in her childhood home and began to sort through and listen to some of the remaining inventory from her father’s record company. Kimbell’s father, Ruben Ruiz Sr., founded Rosina Records and Monterrey Records in 1962 in San Marcos. When the label was active, he recorded over 250 songs from over 100 artists early in their careers, many of whom went on to be superstars and legends like Isidro LopezAlfonso RamosGilbert RodriguezAugustin Ramirez, and Manuel “Cowboy” Donley.

Amidst the treasure trove of vinyl was an unreleased compilation LP that Ruiz had put together of Sixto Sanchez. The compilation includes a variety of horn-driven Orquesta-style Tejano and R&B.

Once billed as the next Ritchie Valens, Sanchez was the lead singer of The Broken Hearts, a very popular up and coming band from Seguin.

Late one night in 1967, while returning from a gig in Abilene, the band was involved in a fatal accident and Sanchez was killed.

After taking some of these items to a record show in Schertz, Kimbell and her husband David decided to introduce a new generation to the legacy of Rosina Records and the legend of Sixto Sanchez. Working with Compadresmusic and non-profit organization Rancho Alegre, both based in Austin, the compilation LP of Sanchez was digitized and is now available on CD and on all digital outlets.

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LISTEN: Sixto Sanchez Y Los Broken Hearts Compilation

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Track listing: 

1. Cartas Marcadas

2. Crying Over You (“Llorando Por Ti”)

3. Cuando Me Pierdas

4. Once In A While (Instrumental, “De Vez En Cuando”)

5. Mi Derrota

6. Nomas Por Tu Amor

7. Palabra De Hombre

8. Palabras Del Cielo

9. Plegarias Falsas

10. Que Hare

11. Thrill Upon A Hill (“Celebración En La Loma”)

12. Yerba Mala

I manage all things technical, administrative, and creative at Austin's own Rancho Alegre, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Conjunto music. Our projects include digitizing recordings, interviewing legendary and up-and-coming artists, maintaining and constructing a historical record of Tejano and Conjunto music, connecting artists with professional and business services, and presenting the annual Rancho Alegre Conjunto Festival and various events throughout the year. I am a Professional Member of the Recording Academy.

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