Lucky Joe releases ‘Desechable’ music video featuring Elida Reyna

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Freddie Records released the official music video for “Desechable,” the duet from award-winning artists Lucky Joe and Elida Reyna. The label announced the video featuring the two labelmates has already garnered more than 20,000 views since it’s release on July 12.

“The duet we’ve all been waiting for,” Lucky Joe shared on social media. “(It) is an honor for me to have my friend Elida Reyna on this collaboration.”

Backed by mariachis, Elida looks gorgeous with a braided hairdo, accented with a light blue flower, and wearing a deep red dress with dramatic, long, flowing multi-colored sleeves, as she sings with Lucky Joe, who looks suave, dressed in black from boots to a cowboy hat. The scenes of the two artists singing are interspersed with scenes that show a couple filing papers that will complete their divorce and depict the end of a love and marriage.

Elida once again showcases her versatility as a vocalist with her participation on the duet which appears on Lucky Joe’s fourth album, “Tu Principe,” released last December. Both artists hail from the Rio Grande Valley and both can evoke the fiery passion that the mariachi style requires as is evident on “Desechable.”

The song begins with Elida singing tenderly and sorrowfully, followed by Lucky Joe’s equally moving response, and then builds up as the two blend voices beautifully as they plead with passion to each other for the wrong they’ve done.

“Desechable” was written by Lucky Joe and Javier Aguirre and is available now at all digital music platforms

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WATCH: Lucky Joe – “Desechable” (feat. Elida Reyna)

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