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Gabriel Zavala hosts event to help Tejano industry grow toward the future

Award-winning producer and musician Gabriel Zavala hosted an event on Tuesday night to bring Tejano industry together to work toward the future.

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Award-winning artist, songwriter, and producer Gabriel Zavala hosted an event on Tuesday night (Jun. 25) to help the Tejano industry grow toward the future.

The event held on Zavala’s birthday at the Groove House in San Antonio, Texas, featured an informative discussion involving many people in the Tejano industry from artists, producers, promoters, record labels, media and more.

“I think we’re all kind of, we’re moving but not necessarily moving in the same direction or towards the same goals,” said Zavala. “This was hopefully the first of many events that are going to be coming in the future but with that goal of putting everyone in the right direction, basically going for the gold.”

The event was attended by many Tejano artists including Stefani Montiel and she was excited about the discussion on the future of Tejano.

“We had a great turnout, it was awesome,” she said. “Got a lot of answers to questions that, especially a lot of up and coming artists have been asking about. A lot of industry people as a whole need to kind of need to help one another out and it was such a great and informative panel tonight.”

Industry professionals from across the state contributed to the discussion to support the growth of Tejano music toward the future.

“Let’s keep pushing or industry forward by educating ourselves and also by asking questions and finding really good answers,” Zavala added.

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