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Aisha wants to be ‘La Reina de Tu Vida’ with new, nominated single [AUDIO]

Aisha wants to be 'La Reina de Tu Vida' with new, nominated single from debut album 'Mi Vida En Canción'.

Aisha | Courtesy photo

With smooth, sultry vocals and a lively ranchera beat, the new single, “La Reina de Tu Vida” from Aisha, will seduce listeners and already has captured a nomination for Conjunto Crossover Song Of The Year at the 2019 awards by the South Texas Conjunto Association.

The new single, produced and written by the talented Gabriel Zavala, features Aisha’s silky-smooth voice telling her love exactly what she needs from him. She chastises his disrespectful attitude and in no uncertain terms lets him know that she will accept nothing less than being treated like the queen in his life.

Zavala described the song’s style as a modern take on the classic Tejano sounds “reminiscent of 90s Mazz, La Sombra, and Estrella styles.

Fueled by a prominent accordion, the song showcases Aisha’s emotive vocal performance that exhibits control and will leave you singing the infectious chorus: “Quiero ser, quiero ser, quiero ser…la reina de tu vida!”

“La Reina de Tu Vida” is the latest single released from Aisha’s debut album “Mi Vida En Canción” and is available now at all digital music platforms.

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LISTEN: Aisha — “La Reina de Tu Vida”

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