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Juan Treviño premieres ‘Tiro Al Blanco’ official music video ft. Quirri

YouTube | Juan H. Treviño

Juan Treviño premiered the official music video for his latest single, “Tiro Al Blanco” featuring Quirri, exclusively with Tejano Nation on Thursday (May 2).

The visual was directed by JC Siller, who also directed the Houston-based singer-songwriter’s previous video for his hit song “Quiero Que Seas Mia.”

“He’s a little more modern with his style of filming,” Treviño said. “He’s a young guy here from Houston so I’m really happy to work with him again.”

“Tiro Al Blanco” is the latest single from the Latin Grammy winner featuring the squeezebox skills of Quirri from Grupo Limite.

“I’m really blessed to be working with people that love to do great music,” Trevino said about the collaboration. “Since the first note he plays from the accordion, you can tell it’s him. He has that great sound that he’s had for many years.”

Treviño says the song is about a man who feels he’s been a victim of “target shooting” in his love life.

“He hasn’t been lucky in love, he’s been left too many times, he’s been cheated on,” he said. “‘Tiro Al Blanco’ means target shooting, like target practice…He still sits around waiting for his love to come back, she promised she was going to be back and she never came back.”

“Tiro Al Blanco” is available now at all digital music platforms.

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WATCH: Juan Treviño — “Tiro Al Blanco” ft. Quirri

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1 comment on “Juan Treviño premieres ‘Tiro Al Blanco’ official music video ft. Quirri

  1. Johnny O. Limon

    Great song and vocals!


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