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K-Alamo 98.9 (KLMO-FM) launches in San Antonio with Tejano format

San Antonio has a new Tejano station as K-Alamo Tejano 98.9 FM (KLMO-FM) was recently launched by Lopez Broadcasting.

San Antonio has a new Tejano station as K-Alamo Tejano 98.9 FM (KLMO-FM) was recently launched by Lopez Broadcasting.

“Our station will concentrate in playing today’s music with a splash of Tejano classics,” said General Manager Carlos Lopez in a press release. “We will not stay stagnant, we will mix the artists and play what the people want us to play. Music has evolved and there are so many new artists that can change the Tejano landscape. We plan to give them a chance to keep moving Tejano forward.”

Lopez Broadcasting is family-owned and operated by “Tejanos who love San Antonio, Tejano culture, Tejano traditions and especially Tejano music.”

“It is only with this vision that will keep Tejano music booming for many more generations to come,” Lopez added. “Young Tejano artists are a must for the Tejano genre to survive.”

The station’s playlist boasts some of the genre’s rising stars including Lucky Joe, Siggno, and Megan Chapa, to name a few. It will also include strongholds like Intocable, Solido, Jay Perez, David Lee Garza, Ram Herrera and legends like the late Emilio Navaira and Selena, along with Little Joe, Ruben Ramos, and Flaco Jimenez.

“We do not want to sound corporate we want to sound like San Antonio y nuestra Gente (our people),” said Lopez. “This is a great day for Tejano fans in the “Tejano Music Capital of the World” as the Lopez family is dedicating our station to our Tejano fans and pledge to do our best to earn your support.”

The Lopez family currently owns and operates radio stations and TV stations throughout south Texas including Tejano Nation radio affiliate Majic 95.9 in Victoria, Texas, and Majic 104.9 in Corpus Christi, Texas. The company is community oriented, helping those in need with food drives and more.

“We give God all the glory for giving us this wonderful opportunity to do what lives en La Familia hearts and that’s to serve our Gente, our people with as many community involvement projects to make San Antonio a better place for all of us to call home,” Lopez added. “If your house burned down, someone is having a fundraiser BBQ because of health issues or unexpected death or illness you can come to us and we will run commercials free of charge to help our Raza.”

The station is currently working on a website and app to stream the station online. KLMO 98.9 FM is licensed to Dilley, Texas with 92,000 watts of power to cover most of the San Antonio metro area, according to Radio-Locator.com.

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2 comments on “K-Alamo 98.9 (KLMO-FM) launches in San Antonio with Tejano format

  1. Tejano Majic

    Here at Tejano Majic 91.9 fm, Burley, Idaho… I, Damian D. Rodriguez and Robert Silvaz rely on your news to share with our listeners. Because of you, Tejanos living in Idaho now go to the Tejano Music Convention in Las Vegas for the annual event. We broke the news on those who have passed away in the Tejano Music Industry. We are worldwide radio station. We are Idaho’s only and number #1 source for Tejano music. We done countless interviews with our tejano stars… But we need Tejano Nation to keep us informed. Thank you and keep up the great work!!! damian


  2. Why can’t I listen to 98.9 LIVE?


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