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Tejanos Unite 2013 board president battling rare disease

Tejanos Unite 2013 reveals that one of the group's board members is battling a rare disease.

La Unica Rose | Courtesy photo

Tejanos Unite 2013 reveals that one of the group’s board members is battling a rare disease. President Rose Torres, also known as La Unica Rose, was diagnosed with a disease that is a rare form of muscular dystrophy.

Currently, there is no cure or no FDA treatment. However other medicines including chemotherapy can be used to get the illness into remission. Ten out of 1 million people are diagnosed with this same illness, myositis. The same illness as music legend Peter Frampton.

La Unica Rose says, “I have such strong support from my husband, children and grandchildren, my mother, and my friends.”

Her team of doctors sends most of her lab tests to John Hopkins Hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Eventually, she will travel to that hospital for more tests.

La Unica Rose says her goal is to get others to listen to your body.

“It will let you know something is not right,” she said. “Please don’t ignore symptoms. This illness has so many co-morbidities.”

The long-term prognosis for people affected by polymyositis varies. If the treatment for polymyositis is not effective, affected individuals may develop a significant disability. In some cases, people with severe and progressive muscle weakness may develop respiratory failure or pneumonia.

“Many friends have checked on me, encouraged me,” said La Unica Rose.”So grateful for each and every one. Thank you to Tejanos Unite 2013 team. They’ve been there for me every step of the way. I’m in this battle to win. It’s tested my faith, my strength. However, I have broadened my vocabulary with all these medical terminologies.”

One more thing she says, “Watch what you wish for. I always said it would be nicer to be thin but this weight loss is horrible. Currently, I weigh 112lbs. Which is very scary to me.”

Tejanos Unite 2013 unites Tejano music lovers across the United States and around the world for the promotion of Tejano music to the world, as well as bringing unity to the industry by sharing ideas, past experiences, and new movements.

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