It’s ‘Showtime’ for new album from Impozzible [AUDIO]

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Impozzible released their new album Showtime on March 2. It’s the ninth album from the Conjunto group from Houston, Texas.

The album showcases the group’s style which features brothers Bobby Torres as vocalist and accordionist and Lawrence Torres, vocalist and bajo sexto player.

“Our style is more progressive, but we can go old school or progressive,” said Bobby. “Throughout the CD we did a little bit of old school Conjunto and new school Conjunto.”

The lead single from the album is “Luna De Miel,” a cover of the 1990s cumbia hit made famous by La Tropa F and written by Jaime Farias.

“We turned it into a ranchera,” said Bobby. “My brother Lawrence, he’s the one that brought the song to us and of course like any other song it was iffy at first, but once we put it together I was like ‘Yeah man, I can get jiggy with this’.”

La Tropa F is just one of the influences of Impozzible, who have been on the scene for 20 years now. Other influences include Mingo Saldivar, Steve Jordan, and Los Chamacos.

Showtime features nine songs from Impozzibile and is available now at all digital music platforms and record stores.

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TejanoNation Sponsor
Thomas J Henry

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