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Jimencio drops teaser of upcoming single ‘Para Que’ [AUDIO]

Jimencio dropped a teaser of his upcoming single "Para Que".

Jimencio dropped a teaser of his upcoming single “Para Que”.

“Welcome to the new beginning of Jimencio. Brand new music, brand new sound and brand new me,” Jimencio told Tejano Nation about his new single.

The crooner is working with Wences Romo on this project and with musicians like Lalo Morales and more on this new single.

“My band and I are excited to share the new sound and movement with all of you,” he said. “We hope this song can really reach all of you. The story behind the song is very relatable.”

The song is about a couple going through trials and throughout the song, he asks his significant other why she decided to love him the way he loves to be loved when in fact she had other plans in mind,” said Jimencio. “Make him fall in love and when things got good she walks away.”

“So this song basically calls her out,” he said.

“Para Que” will be released at all digital music platforms on March 7. The official music video is scheduled to be released on March 21, sponsored by Miguel Herrera Realty Group and Will Esquivel, Crystal Quintanilla, the Mortgage Gurus with Gold Financial Services.

For booking and management, call Tesoro Entertainment at 210-232-4835.

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LISTEN: “Para Que” (Teaser) — Jimencio

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