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Carlos Y Los Cachorros release ‘Corazon de Piedra’ from upcoming album

Carlos Y Los Cachorros released their latest single "Corazon de Piedra" on Thursday (Feb. 14).

Carlos Y Los Cachorros released their latest single “Corazon de Piedra” on Thursday (Feb. 14).

The tune from the band’s upcoming 13th studio album is an action-packed musical arrangement, with a commercial melody, beautiful lyrics, a twist of style and 100% CYLC!

“I’m excited every time we release a new song but not like this,” frontman Carlos Rodriguez said. “This time it’s different. I feel in my heart and soul that this song is the real deal!”

So much has gone into the musical career of Carlos Y Los Cachorros. Established in 1995, the Pearsall, Texas band have recorded numerous hits and successful albums.

In the early ’90s at the age of 15, Rodriguez was a member of the popular Tejano band Centella as an accordionist, keyboardist, and backup vocalist. During that time he learned about the struggles on the road, but all that went away the moment he set foot on stage.

As the years went on Rodriguez set his goals on starting a band of his own. CYLC signed on with Joey Records in 1996 recording nine albums, then signing with Univision Music Group for one album, Me Dejaste Solo, and two albums with their own independent label Discos Solcar with plans to release their 13th studio album in just a few months.

Carlos Y Los Cachorros is an established and humble band that has definitely had their shares of ups and downs. Like anyone else, they made mistakes as teens coming into the business to maturing into professionals that understand the sacrifice of being on the road, holding a band together, paying your dues, playing in the smallest of venues to the biggest of venues, opening shows, headlining shows, wins, and losses.

Bands have come and gone but Carlos Y Los Cachorros continue to hone their craft and continue to pursue their dreams of making music.

“Corazon de Piedra” is available now at all digital music platforms.

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LISTEN: “Corazon de Piedra” — Carlos Y Los Cachorros

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